Sunrise Family Dental Care offers both complete dentures and removable partial dentures customized to each patient’s needs. We ensure that the dentures we provide to our patients are made to look and feel both natural and comfortable.

Complete or full dentures are available for patients who are missing all teeth of the upper and/or lower arch. We offer conventional and immediate dentures depending on your specific needs.

Partial dentures act as replacements for missing teeth that are custom-made to fit around the patient’s remaining natural teeth. The partial dentures not only fill in the spaces that the missing teeth create, they also act as a preventative treatment to keep the remaining natural teeth from shifting within the mouth.

Dental implants are also available as extra support to provide additional stability and strength to dentures. Let our team work with you to help determine the best of multiple denture options for you. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment today!

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