Tooth Replacement

The doctors and staff at Sunrise Family Dental Care works with each patient on a case-by-case basis to help them decide on the appropriate tooth replacement treatment or treatments.

Sunrise Family Dental Care offers multiple services and options for tooth replacement. We consider all aspects of the patient’s situation before recommending any replacement procedure, including the risks of leaving the space. Two common reasons for needing replacement services are bone loss (or resorption) and drifting.

The two most common replacement options are fixed bridges and full or partial dentures. A fixed bridge is available to patients who have teeth in the area that are adequate in number, strength, and health to support the bridge. The prosthetic tooth or teeth will be suspended between healthy adjacent teeth to provide a functional and cosmetic replacement. Full or partial dentures are available for patients missing one or more tooth as well, though can replace the entire upper or lower arch where needed.

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